We produce a monoculture of Tuscan olives, between 500 and 700 meters above sea level, from the harvest we select the quality, but also the maturity of our olives, which will largely define the main aromas of each vintage.

For another, the way to the mill is important:

  •     After the harvest the olives are brought as quickly as possible to the mill, in order to avoid the proliferation of germ or a fermentation.
  •     They are then washed and cleared of leaves and branches.
  •     A grader selects the largest ones.
  •     They are then grinded with a stone grinding wheel at less than 27 ° C.
  •     The paste obtained is kneaded and then spread on trays to be stacked and pressed by a hydrolic press.
  •     The oil is then centrifuged to remove the water it contains.

Our oil develops different aromas each year.

  •     Over the last year aromas of artichokes an aromatic persistence of almonds as well as a long ardence in the mouth.
  •     This year a continuous water supply a rather mild climate allowed us to grow a little further maturity which gives us a delicate oil that develops aromas of hazelnuts with a reflection of freshly cut grass.
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