• Benso organic olive oil

    Benso organic olive oil is produced from mature olives harvested during the day. They are pressed the same evening, giving Benso organic olive oil its taste and finesse for which it is renowned.

    The olive oil thus produced retains all the vitamins, antioxidants, and the incomparable taste of organic olives.

    Benso organic olive oil thus meets the expectations of the best chefs and enlightened gourmets.

    For all these reasons, Benso organic olive oil was for the 12th time in a row the only olive oil selected to participate in the Mougins International Gastronomy Festival, in the presence of the world's greatest starred chefs.

    The organic balsamic vinegar of Modena, as well as the organic balsamic cream and our sauces such as Genovese pesto, pesto rosso, artichoke cream, olive paste, are a great success every year.</p >

  • Organic Olive Oil

    Organic Olive Oil

    Benso Organic Olive Oil is a olive oil of superior quality, from the first cold pressing that is obtained only by mechanical processes.

    Benso Organic Olive Oil comes from the Leccino olive, a variety of Tuscan olives that give it a taste of fresh grass and hazelnut.

  • Pistou Génois and sauces

    Pistou Génois and sauces

    Green pesto, red pistou, artichoke cream with garlic, arrabiata, black olive paste,...

  • Balsamic vinegar

    Balsamic vinegar

    The "classic" balsamic vinegar

    With its characteristic "caramel" colour, the Benso Balsamic Vinegar IGP of Modena is made from a blend of Lambrusco grape varieties and Trebbiano IGP from organic farming.

    No added sugar, no caramel coloring, whether natural or artificial, is used in the manufacture of Benso balsamic vinegar</strong > PGI of Modena. It is simply aged in oak, cherry and mulberry barrels!

    White balsamic vinegar

    This vinegar with very little color (hence its name white vinegar) gets its color from the fact that the stalks, seeds and skins are removed from the must.

    Without tannin, the white balsamic vinegar offers greater delicacy and sweetness on the palate. This is why it goes well with more delicate dishes such as scallops and fish.

    Balsamic vinegar creams

    Creams are made from heated balsamic vinegar. This operation makes it possible to obtain a thicker product with a more pronounced taste.