A different way of making fish en papillote.

The idea is (rather than using parchment paper that will end up in the trash) to use a wheat wrap to play the role of papillote.

The bottom of the wrap will be garnished with a rice/quinoa mixture cooked like (in the broadest sense) risotto.

The result is both tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Using a buckwheat pancake or a pancake is possible, but it may dry out too much when put in the oven and be too dry when eaten. The wrap, which is thicker and more compact, dries just enough.

Ingredients for 2 wraps

  • 2 portions of wild salmon (or other fish according to your taste)
  • 2 wheat wraps
  • Sixty grams of rice (whole grain organic)
  • Forty grams of quinoa (organic)
  • Fifty grams of colored peppers of your choice + 8 thin slices
  • One hundred and fifty ml of water
  • a chopped shallot
  • One hundred ml of white or rosé wine
  • One hundred ml of coconut milk
  • Olive oil and green pesto
  • Salt
  • Pepper

diced peppers
coconut milk


Marinate the salmon in lemon juice and herbs de provence
Fry the shallots in olive oil in a pan
Add rice and quinoa and cook for 2 minutes
Then add the water, the wine and the diced peppers and let the mixture absorb over a fairly high heat . Salt and pepper to taste.
Once the liquid has been absorbed, add the coconut milk, then put the pan on low heat.</ div>
Stir from time to time until the coconut milk is absorbed
Then spread the preparation in 2 equal parts on the 2 wheat wraps
Lay the salmon on the rice/quinoa mixture
Spread the salmon with a layer of Genovese pesto
Lay the thin slices of pepper over everything
Fold the wrap in 4 in a "star" shape. To holdthe 4 sides help yourself with toothpicks planted in the salmon and the wrap. Put in the oven on a baking sheet or parchment paper on which you will have previously passed a little olive oil so that the wrap does not adhere . Put in the preheated oven Th7 for 12 minutes.
Pull out the baked wraps
And enjoy immediately, accompanied by a green salad for example.