With all our delicious sauces you will travel in the south with its flavors of Provence as an aperitif simply with vegetable sticks!

Genoese Pistou : on grilled toasts, in salads, pizza, pesto soup, snails, in pasta, on a fish on hard cheese, tomato mozzarella, fried mushrooms

Pesto rosso : on grilled toasts, in pasta, fish, carpaccio, prawns, shrimp, rissoto, chicken

Artichoke cream with garlic : on grilled toasts, on a fish, meats, poultry, vegetables, pasta

Arrabiata : on grilled toasts, in pasta, meats, poultry

Black olive paste : on grilled toasts, with goat cheese, with pudding, hot potato salad, mashed potatoes and all the fish

Natural balsamic cream: in salads, fish, foie gras, cheese, scallops, strawberries and raspberries, it will accompany you in all your dishes