• Organic olive oil

    Benso Organic Olive Oil is a high quality oil produced exclusively from the Leccino variety grown in the family estate of the BENSO family. The olive groves are located in the Abruzzo National Park at an altitude of 500 to 700m above sea level. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand.

    • Benso extra virgin olive oil is certified organic virgin olive oil,  1st cold extraction. Its acidity is 0.38.
    • Custody: 2 years between 8° and 20°, away from light.

    Tasting note

    • Beautiful fluidity with a green color with a golden yellow/straw reflection.
    • The nose develops a plant and herbaceous palette.
    • Fruit walls because it was sorted on the day of harvest.
    • In the mouth very subtle, beautiful explosion, sensation of breadth and smoothness with a delicate taste of green tomato/ banana, raw artichoke or cardoon.
    • Long in the mouth with a hint of bitterness and ardency, presence of spices.

    Pairings uses

    • Ideal raw, toasted bread, fresh bread.
    • Salad, raw vegetables cooked various sauces (mayonnaise, virgin etc.).
    • Fish / Meat / Pasta.
    • A marvel on cheeses, Mozzarella, Halloumi (Sheep), goat...
  • Pistou, tapenade & sauce
  • Balsamic vinegar

    We offer 3 ranges of products around balsamic.

    "Classic" balsamic vinegar

    With is characteristically "caramel" color, Benso balsamic vinegar IGP from Modena is made from a blend of Lambrusco grape varieties and Trebbiano IGP from organic farming.

    No added sugar, no caramel coloring, whether natural or artificial, is used in the production of Benso balsamic vinegar IGP of Modena. It is simply aged in oak, cherry and mulberry barrels!

    White balsamic vinegar

    This very little colored vinegar (hence its name white vinegar) takes its color from the fact that the stems, seeds and skins are removed from the must.

    Without tannin, white balsamic vinegar offers greater delicacy and sweetness on the palate. This is why it goes well with more delicate dishes such as scallops and fish.

    Creams of balsamic vinegar

    Creams are made from heated balsamic vinegar . This operation produces a thicker product with a more pronounced taste.

    Conventionally used to decorate plates or dishes, balsamic creams are also used to season salads and raw vegetables and can also be used in the composition of certain desserts.

    Our Benso organic balsamic vinegar creams are available plain or flavored.

  • Crème Balsamique...
  • Coffrets cadeaux

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